Fall House Cross Country

Wed, 01/04/2017 - 10:50

The annual Fall House Cross Country was held in two stages: Grades 6 and 7 ran of the 5th December, 2016 and Grades 8-12 ran on the 12th December, 2016.  The Cross Country course is 2.7 kilometres in length and winds through the Wadi trail alongside the school.  It culminates with the boys running triumphantly through the school’s front gates and crossing the finish line on the school track.   First, second and third places are recognized, but every student who completes the course receives a medal and scores points for their House.

Last year the House Cross Country was run for the first time.  Eighty-four (84) students ran.  This year three hundred and thirty-three (333) students ran in the House Cross Country, from Grades 6-12.  It is hoped that this number would increase even further during the Spring House Cross Country, to be held in March.

The House Cross Country is designed to improve student fitness.  It is also an opportunity for Service as Action: for the students to make a personal sacrifice in the service of a greater good – the welfare of their House.  As well, it is an opportunity or students to exercise their will:  to push through discomfort and strive to push beyond previous levels of attainment.  It is an opportunity for student to recognize that all attainment is based upon hard work, self-discipline, focus and grit, and that, ultimately, these qualities are greater and more enduring than any fleeting victory. 

Our congratulations go to all who provided service to their House, pushed through their discomfort, stayed the course and finished the race.