King Faisal School believes in the positive benefits that derive from educational visits. King Faisal School strives to form positive attitudes to learning and motivations towards the subjects through hands-on, real-world experiences. According to Randy Wilhelm “Field trip is a substantive way to expand student’s horizons and allow them to learn experientially.”

King Faisal School always works on improving socialization within the school community as an essential part of the education quality. Thus, this would impose on the classrooms, and develop a rapport between teachers and students. Educational visits enable to utilize learning

strategies such as cooperative learning.

King Faisal School is proud to have a firmly well-designed Educational Visits System. Every educational visit must go through a process of inquiry and assessment in order to guarantee the maximum benefits and end results to our students’ learning experience. Clear aims,

defined goals, detailed activities descriptions, and risk assessments are the prerequisites for any proposed visit.

Educational Visits at King Faisal School vary in destinations, purposes, and durations. Students are offered multiple choices in order to meet the

differences in their interests and needs. Local, regional, and international visits run over the course of the academic year and sometimes during vacations and holidays.