After-school Clubs and Activities at King Faisal School provide students with a very vibrant and rich extra-curricular learning experience. The activities are structured and tailored to meet students’ diverse desires and needs. Hence, students are given the choice whether to join a club that satisfies their personal interests or to practice a sport that they find entertaining. 

A substantial range of activities run across the week to allow every possible chance to students to participate. The wide range of activities is organized and delivered either by experienced educators and coaches from King Faisal School staff who are always dedicated to delivering an impressive quality education, or via specialized partners.

Activities take place from 1430 to 1530 during school days except for Mondays. As King Faisal School students are always eager to extend their learning experiences through such extra-curricular activities. In addition, all MYP and DP students are constantly encouraged to take part in at least one after-school activity.